Wedgefield is located in the Orange County in Florida. Being close to Orlando, the place is just a few miles from it and offers a lot of things to do for the entire family.

There are many exciting things to do in Wedgefield. From visiting historical places to cultural sites, there are many local attractions here. If you are planning to visit the area to your kids, Exotic Animal Experience should not be missed. It offers interactive sessions with animals that you and your children can enjoy. You can opt for airboat ride adventure on the St. John’s River where you can spot some magnificent wildlife and learn more about nature. There are many operators in the area, ensure that you pick the one with excellent reviews.

Wedgefield is famous for its Wedgefield Golf Club located here offering an extensive collection of holes for players. You can also spend time at the Wedgefield Park with your family. While you can enjoy a great picnic, your kids can enjoy the playground that has some great rides. Some of the other parks in the area are Christmas Park, Moss Park, Hatbill Park and more.

If you are in for some fresh honey, you should stop by the Webb Honey House where you can buy some pure and unfiltered honey. Some of the different varieties they have on offer are beeswax, gallberry honey, bee pollen, orange honey and more.

Whether you are here for a business trip or a leisure time with your family, you can be sure to have an adventurous time in Wedgefield, FL.