Wakulla County, Florida, sits just south of Tallahassee on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. It has a population of around 30,978 and the county seat is Crawfordville. The county was created in 1843 from Leon County. Wakulla County was named after the nearby Wakulla River that flows through part of the county. The origin and meaning of the name are debated, but most agree that it was probably a Timucuan word meaning “mysterious water,” possibly referring to the springs that bear the same name.

The county was formed after the city of Port Leon had been destroyed by a hurricane. Many people had relocated to the city of Newport which is within the boundaries of Wakulla County. The county is home to rich history. Historians agree that the area was home to tribes as far back as the Paleoindian Period. At the time of the first European presence in Wakulla County, Apalachee tribes were present. Later, in the 1860s, the county was the site of the Civil War Battle of Natural Bridge.

In addition to its history, Wakulla County is known for its beauty. The county is home to one of the largest natural springs in the world. People widely agree that Wakulla Springs is a thing of great beauty, being both attractively round and amazingly clear. Many people visit the springs each year. Visitors can also take water tours through the meandering waterways, or visit St. Mark’s Lighthouse.

The county is full of wonderful communities in which to live. These range from waterside towns near the bay to inland communities that are full of life and culture. Many towns, such as Sopchoppy, retain much of their historic charm making the county a peaceful and enjoyable place to live.


Wakulla County Cities and Towns