Union County is located in the northern half of the state of Florida just south of the Osceola National Forest and Lake City. The county has a population of around 15,300 and has an area of 240 square miles. It has the smallest area of all of the counties in Florida. Lake Butler, located near the center of the county of Highway 121, is the county seat.

Union County was formed in 1921 from Bradford County. It was named in honor of the unity that was seen throughout the area’s residents as they strove and succeeded to create the new county, as well as their continued desire for unity after many years of discord.

As an inland, rural community, Union County has a thriving agricultural, timber, and trucking industry. In addition, the county is famous for being the home of the Department of Corrections and the Union Correctional Institution. These industries boost the economy and create prosperity for its residents.

The county is considered a great place to raise children. The rural communities such as Raiford and Worthington Springs, are great places to live and the county has everything that enriches a community such as a great public library, a convenient local hospital, and high quality schools.

Union County is a wonderful place to live for anyone wishing to experience a simpler way of life. Its quiet atmosphere, family-friendly towns, and expansive countryside come together to make a county that is a retreat from the rushed and busy world.