Suwannee County is located just east of the Florida Panhandle at the midway point between Tallahassee and Jacksonville. The population of the county is around 41,000. The county seat is Live Oak which can be found near the center of the county on US 90.

The county was formed in 1858 from Columbia County. The area, which had been sparsely populated before, began to become settled and enlivened when the railroad came through the area connecting the cities of Tallahassee and Jacksonville.

The county was named after one of the major rivers that flows through the area, the Suwannee River, which boats a length of 266 miles and flows through many parts of northern Florida. The river borders the county on several of its sides. The river was the subject of one of Stephen Foster’s most famous songs, “Old Folks at Home,” which has since become Florida’s state song. Drivers entering the county by I-10 will see a sign announcing the presence of the Historic Suwanee River along with notation of Foster’s music.

The county is home to many beautiful clear springs that visitors to the area can enjoy. There are also many parks that beautify the area, giving residents more than 20 options. Suwannee County is also an ideal place for industry, with nearly 800 different types of industry ranging from natural resources to leisure and hospitality. The quality of life is excellent, with opportunities for community sports and recreation, healthcare, and education.

Between the historic Suwannee River, the many well-maintained parks, and the community based culture, Suwannee County is one of Florida’s best kept secrets.