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Top 7 States With The Most Insects

A recent report has shown the state with the most insects based on search data. This is a significant issue for all rental property owners as pests can jeopardize their investment. After all, pest infestations can make the living space uninhabitable. Properties that repeatedly become infested might also cost more money than they’re worth.


The State With the Most Insects

Property owners and landlords who want to maximize profits might simply invest in properties in states with high traffic. However, population volume shouldn’t be the only determining factor. Landlords should also look into other factors that make the state’s properties a worthwhile investment. One might be how big the infestation problem is in certain states.

According to a published report, certain states have it worse than others regarding pest infestations. Let’s find out the state with the most insects based on monthly pest-related searches.

1. California

The data shows California is the most infested state, as Californians log 47,000 queries involving pest control each month. It seems the most problematic bug among the bunch is bed bugs, with roughly 17,000 searches. Meanwhile, termites and wasps generate 10,000 and 8,000 searches, respectively.


2. Texas

While Texas is in second place, it still seems to have a significant pest problem. There are around 42,000 pest-related queries in Texas. Their primary problem is bed bugs, which account for over 15,000 monthly searches. Meanwhile, termites garner over 9,000 searches, and ants generate 6,000.


3. Florida

There are roughly 33,000 searches in Florida. However, unlike other states, it seems termites are the most predominant problem. They generate over 12,000 searches in the state. Meanwhile, bed bugs account for 8,000 searches, while ants only account for 4,000.


4. New York

Approximately 23,000 queries hit search engines in New York every month. Like other states, they seem to have the biggest problem with bed bugs. These take up 8,000 of the 23,000 monthly searches. Ants take second place with roughly 4,700 searches. Lastly, termites are the third-most problematic bug, with over 3,000 queries.


5. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania generates 16,000 monthly queries on pests. Bed bugs take up 5,600 searches, while ants account for 4,300. Meanwhile, termites come in third place with more than 2,500 monthly queries.


6. Illinois

Illinois has 15,000 monthly pest-related searches. Bed bugs are the most troublesome, taking up 7,000 searches — almost half the total. Meanwhile, ants prompt 3,600 searches, and termites garner 1,600 searches.


7. Georgia

Georgia comes in last place but still generates a whopping 14,000 pest-related queries every month. Bed bugs are the most pressing issue, as they generate 6,200 searches. Termites and ants follow behind at 2,500 and 2,100 queries, respectively.


Which States Does Each Insect Infest the Most?

Bed bugs, termites, and wasps might be problematic in the state with most insects. However, they’re not the only pesky bugs around. Several others dominate the scene and pose a threat to public health. Let’s examine which states each insect infests the most.


1. Bed Bugs

Given the whopping 17,000 and 16,000 monthly searches, the worst bed bug states are California and Texas. The residents actively search for solutions to control them. This can be difficult as bed bugs can easily travel from place to place, being picked up anywhere from public transit to hotels. While they aren’t known to spread disease, they can be uncomfortable because they cause itching.


2. Termites

TermitesWhile bed bugs are uncomfortable and cause sleepless nights, termites cause a lot of damage to property. They destroy wood and can compromise the structural integrity of any property or facility.

Moreover, while they’re not known to transmit diseases, they carry the risk of infection if they sting or bite humans.

The most problematic states include Florida, California, and Texas. This could be because of the climate. Florida has a humid environment, while Texas has a diverse climate. Meanwhile, California has lots of wooden structures that attract termites.


3. Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes carry many deadly diseases, including Malaria, Dengue, West Nile Virus, and Zika. Hence, it’s crucial to get rid of them right away if property owners find an infestation. Florida, Texas, and California have the most mosquitoes by state.

These states with the worst mosquitoes probably suffer from them because of their conducive climate. All three states with the worst mosquitoes have relatively warm and mild temperatures. Florida, in particular, also has a lot of standing water sources like the Everglades. They’re optimal breeding grounds for these pesky bloodsuckers.


4. Ticks

TicksTicks are most common in Texas, California, and New York. They have warm climates and large outdoor areas that could extend the tick season. In particular, California has varied ecosystems that contribute to the large volume of searches. Meanwhile, New York has lots of rural regions that can foster a large tick population.

Ticks can be dangerous because they can carry and transmit diseases. This is because ticks can be infected with parasites, viruses, and bacteria. Common illnesses include Alpha-gal Syndrome (AGS), Tularemia, Lyme Disease, and Anaplasmosis.


5. Spiders

Spiders of all kinds are prevalent in California, Texas, and Florida. Their climates are warm, noisy, humid, and mild. Texas has a remarkably varied ecosystem with a thriving outdoor living culture. Meanwhile, Florida has a moist environment that attracts lots of spiders.

Unlike many other insects, spiders do not transmit infectious diseases. However, some species of spiders produce toxic venom that can cause neurotoxicity, systemic illnesses, and skin lesions.


6. Cockroaches

Cockroaches may carry several bacteria, including streptococcus, staphylococcus, and salmonella. They can also harbor viruses like the polio virus. These insects can be dangerous as they leave feces, regurgitated saliva, and urine around the home. They can be transmitted to humans and cause urinary tract infections, typhoid, salmonella, E. coli, sepsis, and digestive issues.

The state with the most cockroaches is California. Texas and New York follow closely behind in the volume of cockroach-related searches. Their warm climates are probably the leading cause of the infestation. In addition, these states have several bustling urban centers and cities that make them perfect residences for these unwelcome insects. New York City, in particular, has compact living conditions and a dense population that make cockroaches more prevalent.


7. Ants

Many people think that ants are not as harmless as other insects, but they can carry and transmit food-borne disease organisms. They can contaminate food with salmonella, shigella, and E. coli. That’s why ant infestations can still be dangerous to human health.

Ants are a significant issue in California, Texas, and New York. These pervasive insects often prefer diverse climates so it makes sense that they love California. The state nurtures a variety of ant species, making them hard to exterminate.

On the other hand, Texas deals with fire ants the most. They often look for protective measures to safeguard their gardens and homes. Lastly, New York has dense urban centers that make infestations challenging to combat.


8. Wasps

Wasps seem to love California, Texas, and Washington the most. They may not carry human diseases, but they do cause allergic reactions. Moreover, their sting can be fatal to human life. These dangerous critters account for 72 casualties a year on average along with hornets and bees.

California probably has a lot of wasp issues because of the mild weather and outdoor-centric culture. Texas has a blend of countryside and urban living areas, making wasps an issue all year. Finally, Washington has diverse climates that generate seasonal wasp infestations.


The Most Bothersome Insect

By nearly unanimous vote, Americans want to eliminate bed bugs the most. They generate over 154,000 searches monthly and cause a lot of discomfort. Moreover, they’re pervasive regardless of the state, so everyone wants them gone.

Apart from bed bugs, Americans seem to want to eliminate ants and termites the most. Their numbers are close as they have 76,210 and 75,930 searches, respectively. Ants are annoying as they’re always in search of food. Meanwhile, termites are nasty and dangerous critters that compromise safety.


Spring Pest Control for Landlords

The spring is a favorite among pesky critters. Insects often die during the winter season. However, they tend to spring to life and reproduce more when the snow melts and ice thaws.

Springtime is ripe for infestations, so landlords should not neglect pest control during the season. This is especially important if the property is in a state that has a big pest problem. For instance, if the rental is in California, there should be routine inspections for bed bugs. On the other hand, properties in Florida may need regular termite inspection.

Landlords are generally responsible for maintaining the rental property and ensuring it’s pest-free. They need to ensure the rental unit is habitable and safe. Hence, they must take preventive measures whether or not the property is in the state with most insects. Here are some tips to keep in mind.


1. Review the Rental Agreement

Ensure the rental agreement clearly outlines who is responsible for pest control and extermination during the lease period. It should also state under which conditions the tenant is liable for infestations. This can prevent future misunderstandings.


2. Regular Inspections

Work with the property manager to conduct regular pest inspections on all rental units while carrying out maintenance checks. This can help landlords spot potential problems early before they become infestations. Check the unit for crevices, cracks, standing water, or areas with much moisture. Moreover, ensure the rental unit is clean and invest in seasonal treatments for pest control.


3. Hire an Exterminator If Necessary

If a tenant says the rental property is infested with insects, it might be time to hire an exterminator. Doing so can ensure the environment is habitable and safe to live in. It can also protect the property’s structural integrity, especially if the pest involves termites.

Moreover, if there’s no tenant yet, pest extermination is a vital part of getting the property ready to rent. Inform the tenant of the extermination schedule so they know what to do or where to go.


Keeping Rental Properties in Good Shape

Even if the rental property isn’t in the state with most insects, pest control is still a vital part of rental property maintenance. Landlords are responsible for keeping the property safe, hygienic, and habitable. Otherwise, they might held liable in case a tenant gets sick or has an issue.

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