Orange City is famous for the manatee sightings, family-friendly parks and establishments and the well-known Blue Spring State Park. It is best that you visit the place during the summers because you can enjoy the water sports activities. Also, no one is allowed to enter the waters during the winters that are; from November to March. You will love this place as it offers a lot of outdoor activities like camping, hiking, picnicking and more.


Things to do in Orange City, FL 


Blue Spring State Park:

During winters, the Blue Spring State Park witnesses something amazing. It is the time when the manatees swim up to the blue spring state park. It is their nesting period, therefore, no one is allowed to enter the waters, but they can explore it via boats and ferries.


Deland’s Museum of Florida Art:


The Deland’s Museum of Florida Art is a dedicated establishment that stores and acknowledges the artwork and creativity of the artists from Florida. You can find some amazing arts and paintings created by renowned artists Betty Press and Jackson Walker. The place also organizes a workshop where the visitors can engage in showing their painting skills.


Wekiwa Springs State Park:


If you want to explore this place to the fullest, it is recommended that you rent a kayak or a canoe. Exploring the Wekiwa Springs State Park by waters will help you understand the place better. Other fun activities include horse riding, trekking, open biking and more.


Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Garden:


This zoo is home to some of the notorious animals of the wild like the clouded leopard, bald eagle, and gators. Visiting this place will be both fun and informative.