Oviedo has always remained in the heart of the people who have visited this place or experienced its mystique environment. Oviedo, FL witnesses tourists from all across the nation and world due to its intriguing architecture and peaceful natural landscape. People here are fun loving and loves to show around their city to the tourists. Well, most of the places to visit here are close to nature but you can also get along its social life.


Things to do in Oviedo, FL

Lukas Nursery:

If gardening is your hobby or you like to study plants and trees, you must definitely visit Lukas Nursery in Oviedo, FL as this place a lot more to offer than you ever imagined. This place holds a greater selection of plants and trees and flowers that you have never seen before.


The Artistic Hand Gallery and Studio:

If you want to know about old Florida which is the real Florida; then the Artistic Hand Gallery and Studio will take you back in time. Covered with lush palms, oak trees, and cozy cottages, the place offers a charming setting for the visitors. You can enjoy shopping, witness some amazing artifacts and craft.


Oviedo Antique Mall:

Who doesn’t love antiques; they remind us of the world’s rich history. If you are a collector then this place will prove to be the right stop for all your antique collections.


Cross Seminole Trail:

Riding the trail is always very mesmerizing. You can walk or could use a bike to trail in Cross Seminole. It is the best way to get dip inside the warmth of nature.