Fleming Island is also the place where one of the wealthiest communities resides. This place is a hub for the business owners and you can find almost everything here. On the tourist front, this place has a lot to offer. People from all around the country and world visit this place just because of uniqueness and rich history. You will definitely enjoy your stay here.


Things to do in Fleming Island, FL

Moccasin Slough Park:

If you are a nature lover and are easily mesmerized by the true beauty of nature and wildlife, then Moccasin Slough Par in Fleming Island, FL will never disappoint you. You can take a walk down the park or go on a trekking adventure if not enough, you can paddle your way forward with a bicycle ride.


Doctors Lake Park:

This place has emerged as a perfect ecosystem for both flora and fauna. There is a pier at which you can sit or relax or take a long walk. There is a swamp where you can witness alligator sightings. On the other hand, it is the most happening place for the fishing enthusiasts.



This is a family-friendly place which takes back you to the old era. This place is dedicated to agriculturists and farming enthusiasts. You can see the staff preparing the food the old way and you can try them as well.


Mandarin Park:

It is a family park where you can spend your entire day with your kids. You can go on a boating adventure or on a walking trail. This place will keep you busy for good.