Saint Lucie County is located on the eastern coast of Florida. The county seat is Fort Pierce which sits on the Indian River near the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The population of Saint Lucie County is approximately 280,000.

The name of Saint Lucie, which can be found throughout the county, originally came from Saint Lucy, a Christian Martyr who died during the Diocletianic Persecution in 304 at the hands of the Roman Empire. The name appears in other places such as the city of Port St Lucie, which is the largest city in the county, and the old Spanish fort called Santa Lucia, which was the original bearer of the name.

The county was established in 1905 from Brevard County. It had been inhabited originally by members of the Ais tribe, and later by the Seminoles. The coastline of Saint Lucie County holds a particularly romantic reputation as being the area where a Spanish fleet of vessels that were filled with gold sank in 1715. As a result, the area has been nicknamed Treasure Coast, and treasure hunters come to the area to try their luck at uncovering the long lost gold coins. Indeed, riches from the area have been uncovered during explorations of the lost Spanish fleet.

The land itself is a beautiful area with many lovely beaches, vacation spots, and thriving communities. Beachside homes give many residents in the county the unique opportunity to be close to water actives, but the inland communities are just as charming with homes nestled in between vast green countrysides. The county is a hidden treasure in the state of Florida.