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How Helpful Can Real Estate Facebook Marketing Be?

When done right, real estate Facebook marketing is a great way to reach a wide audience and generate leads. Sharpen your social media marketing skills using this helpful guide.


How to Use Real Estate Facebook Marketing to Your Advantage

Researchers have it that 2.95 billion of the world’s population have joined several social media platforms. And, with 2.5 billion monthly active users, Facebook is undoubtedly the king of social media.

If you have yet to join this networking site, you are failing to tap a lucrative market with tons of lead opportunities. When you use property management Facebook marketing, you stand to gain a loyal following and plenty of potential customers. In addition, you can build your brand and cement your online presence.

Many property management companies, though, especially those with more traditional roots, don’t know the first thing about real estate Facebook marketing. It can be tough to figure out Facebook’s algorithm and exactly what makes users tick.

Here is how to use Facebook for property management companies:


1. Aim at Proprietors and Renters

renters | real estate facebook adsFirst off, you need to have an appropriate plan for creating a business page on Facebook. It is a marketing endeavor worth your time and money.

After the account creation, think of your audience. To whom are you trying to sell your ideas? What appeals to that audience?

Property managers do have a variety of possible clienteles such as:

  • Renters who are within your location;
  • Property proprietors; and
  • Investors.

Every content or status you post should attempt to draw in as many viewers as possible. Keep all content relevant and useful. Do not forget to offer your professional point of view when posting.

Through this means, you can build your expert portfolio and develop a rapport with other investors, homeowners, and landowners. On top of that, you can appeal to possible renters, too.


2. Post Engaging Material

It is normal to want to keep advertising to your followers. However, Facebook considers too much posting of ads as spam. Just because you aim to appeal to renters or investors does not give you an excuse to take over their newsfeeds. No one wishes to follow pages that only share ads. Instead, blend relevant info with advertising material, including related tax laws, property management, startup businesses, and real estate.

Consider placing your blog posts on your site and link followers back to propel traffic. Make sure to grab the attention of your audience with exciting content like property management advice and press release articles.  You will undoubtedly keep your audience enthralled with an amusing social media feed and leave them feeling more invested in your services.


3. Use High-Quality Photos

An image is worth a thousand words. Pictures have the capacity to communicate on a global scale and are an excellent tactic to increase traffic to your website.

When posting photos, though, make sure to only use high-quality, original snaps. You don’t need to hire a professional photographer to take your photos either. Many smartphones nowadays boast advanced cameras with a wide array of adjustable settings. You can also make use of photo-editing software to give your snaps a little extra oomph.

Post pictures of the houses you manage. This will not only attract potential tenants and property owners but also increase engagement on your Facebook page. Additionally, if you need to post text, put it in graphic form instead. Images with text always do better on Facebook than simple text updates.


4. Videos Help Draw Attention

video | real estate facebook adsClips throw an additional splash of appeal to material published on your website or Facebook page.

This is why many businesses use videos to their advantage. In fact, a few scrolls down your newsfeed will present several.

Visuals do better compared to written content. Facebook users spend more time watching clips than they do reading posts, especially lengthy ones. Consider making videos of house tours (with your client’s approval) to attract renters.

It is also a good idea to post a video briefly introducing your company or a how-to video demonstrating one of your services. These should be high-quality videos, edited in a way that makes them engaging.


5. Make the Most Out of Pinned Posts

While you can use Facebook ads for property managers, you can also post and pin content about your business at no cost. Pinned posts allow you to ensure that the first post visitors view is what you need them to see.

This could take the form of an advice post, a video, or any other information you wish. Make sure to add a creative and personal touch to your pinned post, too. This way, it will immediately catch the eyes of page visitors and make them want to know more about your services.


6. Use Promoted Posts

Promoted posts are one of the most commonly used property management ads. For a set budget, you can broaden the reach of a post to an estimated number of users. This can be your fans or friends of your fans. Promoted posts will appear on their newsfeeds for about three days, which is significantly longer than the usual 2.5 hours.

You will find the option to promote a post below the post itself. Not all pages have the ability to promote their posts, though. You will need to have at least 400 likes on your page before the feature unlocks for use.


7. Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads have evolved over time, with more advanced capabilities now more than ever. On Facebook Ads Manager, click the Campaigns tab and then Create. From there, you can choose your objective — increase brand awareness, drive traffic, generate leads, and more.

After naming your campaign and setting your ad account, you will need to specify your target audience. With real estate Facebook ads, you can be as specific (or general) as you would like. Then, you can adjust your ad placement settings according to the device type, platform, etc. All you need to do now is set your budget and schedule, and you are good to go.

There are also so many types of real estate ads for property management companies on Facebook. You can make use of image ads, video ads, carousel ads, collection ads, messenger ads, and story ads, to name a few.


8. Keep It Diverse

When it comes to managing properties and housing, it is important to know the law. The same applies to real estate Facebook marketing. For instance, the Fair Housing Act states that companies can’t deny tenants due to their race or color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status, or disability.

As such, it is best not to get too specific with the target settings on your ads. It is also recommended to use diverse photos and add the Fair Housing logo to them as well.


Be Successful With Real Estate Facebook Marketing

Social media allows potential renters and property owners to view your listings and services. As the most popular platform, real estate Facebook marketing should be included in every property management company’s strategic plan. Apart from offering convenience, most of Facebook’s tools come free of charge, making it a juggernaut in the online marketing world.

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