This is probably the oldest cities in Florida that witnesses a hoard of tourists all around the season. The place is known for its rich history and the Victorian Homes are its main attraction. Everything in this town is old; the generations of people living here go way back. The downtown square is the most happening place in this town. The place is untouched and even in the 21st century; you can discover the real Florida.


Things to do in Quincy, FL

Tallahassee Museum:

This place offers an enriching experience with the local community, art, science, history, and cultures of the world. If you are planning an educational trip for your kids, then you can start by visiting here. The Tallahassee Museum in Quincy, FL sports a collection of old restored historical buildings, dinosaur sculpture exhibits and more.


Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park:

If you don’t know what ornamental gardens are, then Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park can offer you more than that. The whole place is filled with different plant species. The scents of the flower will take you to a whole new world. You can explore this floral architecture in small canoes, kayaks, and bots.


Florida State University Hall of Fame:

This is the best place to take your kids if they idolize the American heroes. The Florida State University Hall of Fame includes information about some of the greatest athletes, actors, and politicians of America.


St. Paul’s Episcopal Church:

It is a historic building that holds the belief of thousands of people of the local community. It offers a family-friendly exposure and its 180-year-old architecture will make you awestruck.