Geneva is an unincorporated region in Florida, United States. This is a Seminole county. According to the 2010 census, Geneva has only a population of 2900! Most people identify Geneva for its Little-Big Econ State Forest. However, what makes this destination special would be its history.


Recognizing the Place!

The very first document to quote Geneva, Florida was written between 1765 and 1766. This document was prepared by William and John Bartram. Since then, the place was featured in many documents. By the end of 1850, Daniel Britton an Anthropologist quoted the place in one of his studies. Journals from the Archeological Cultural Resources Study have referred Geneva, Florida many times.

Schools in Geneva, Florida

The region’s initial days were a big struggle. For example, Geneva’s early schools were conducted in homes and hospitals. The local residents arranged classes for their little ones. The region’s first school was founded in 1874. It was built on the land donated by Progar Debogory.

Progar Debogory was a Russian who preferred to settle in Geneva, Florida during the 1800s.

The original school built by Debogory was replaced in the year 1903. The new school had only a single room. A building with 4-rooms was built in 1924. This building was constructed using bricks.

Geneva, Florida developed very slowly. It took four decades after the area’s first school for home economics and farming schemes to be introduced. The program was officially sponsored by the Rollins College.

The old brick school in Geneva was converted to an elementary school in 1988! Even today the old school is preserved as a family resource unit.