Monroe County is one of the oldest counties in the state of Florida. It was established in 1823 from St. Johns County. Named after the fifth president of the United States, Monroe County has a population of around 73,000. The county seat is Key West, which is the southernmost city in the state of Florida as well as the United States.

Most of the Florida Keys, with the exception of a few of the northernmost keys, are included in this county as well as a large portion of the Florida Everglades. The mainland portion of the county is largely uninhabited, with most of the population residing in the Keys.

The county thrives largely on tourism, with millions of people visiting the Keys each year. In addition, the area supports a large population of snowbirds who come to the county to escape cold weather.

Monroe County is a popular place to visit, but it is also a wonderful place to live. There are many friendly communities, and those who live in the county enjoy remarkably mild weather and sunshine all year long. The area is home to Florida Keys Community College, as well as a collection of excellent primary and secondary schools. In addition, residents are able, on a year-round basis, to enjoy the landscape and activities that so many people come to enjoy during their vacations.

The culture in Monroe County is unique and is defined by an easy-going and relaxed attitude with a readiness to accept other cultures and peoples. This, combined with the tropical climate and lifestyle, makes Monroe County a wonderful place to live.


Monroe County Cities and Towns 

Key West



Key Colony Beach


Stock Island