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How To Market Your Property Management Company

Like any business, a property management company relies on clients to generate income and become profitable. Searching for clients can be a time-consuming and uphill battle, though. Make it easier by adopting some tactics to market a property management company.


The Right Way to Market a Property Management Company

As a property management company, you need to have a solid marketing strategy to constantly generate new clients. The challenge lies in coming up with a property management marketing strategy that targets your best prospects, is cost-effective, and is unique to your company. The internet has made it possible for even small companies to grow at a rapid pace and stay competitive. Here are some marketing ideas for property management companies if you want to grow on the medium:


1. Invest in Local SEO

seo | marketing strategies for property managersProperty management is, by nature, a location-specific service. Therefore, it makes sense to target prospects looking for property management in your area.

Investors and property owners will use keywords like “Miami property management” or “property manager in Miami” in search engines. As such, you must make sure to use local SEO in your web content by interspersing location-specific keywords.

The local search queries display location-specific results as opposed to general results. As a result, it allows you to get an advantage over bigger companies. Local SEO ranks your website on various factors like citations, content, links, and customer reviews. By learning how to properly build a local SEO campaign, you can even outrank companies with bigger budgets.


2. Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly

It is important to note that over 50 percent of global internet traffic originates from mobile devices. That is why it is important to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. Most companies use responsive design which adapts to the different sizes of the device the user is on. But, there are other important factors, like the loading speed of your website, abandon rate, and overall user experience.

The small details make a big difference, as well. Things like your site’s text size, size of the lead generation forms, and clickability of the CTA (call to action) buttons all play a role in your ability to convert web traffic into valuable leads. Overlooking mobile design is a big mistake as it has a big impact on your bottom line starting from the lead generation phase.


3. Capitalize on Social Media

It is important to understand that the sales cycle can often be a long one. One of the things that can help shorten the cycle is social media. While it is true that social media is better suited for B2C companies, it can be beneficial for B2B companies as well. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn are often used by many people to find local businesses. In fact, Facebook alone boasts 1.9 billion active users.

Make sure you are on these sites to improve your findability. You also want to publish great content, interact with your followers, post important updates, and sell your services on these platforms. These platforms serve as a great way to stay connected with your prospects, communicate your value with your content, and build trust. Furthermore, Google tends to give your brand a better ranking based on consistent social media activity.


4. Create Outstanding Content

content | marketing strategies for property managersSpeaking of content, you need to publish unique and high-quality content to stand out from all the other companies.

You can create articles teaching property owners and investors about things like what they need to know when hiring property managers, the best way to ensure their property, how to increase the value of their property, and more. The idea here is to demonstrate your value and stay connected with your prospects.

Content can also be a great way to connect with renters. For example, letting potential renters know about the benefits of living in an HOA-managed community may influence them to rent out a property in an HOA you are managing. The same kind of strategies that help you get clients for your property management services will work for renters.


5. Make Sure You Are in the Right Directories

The online world is filled with websites that list properties for rent, such as Zillow,, Trulia, and more. But, what many start-ups do not know is that there are many websites, such as Florida Property Management, that serve as directories for property management companies, as well. Make sure your company is posted on these directories as it can boost brand awareness and give you the exposure you need.

Because each platform is different, you must put in the time to optimize your profile and listings on each site. After trying a couple of platforms, you will start to get an idea of which ones are generating the most leads for your business. Just use promotional codes on different platforms to track the results. Once you find out what platforms are working, you can even spend money on these platforms for increased exposure.


6. Use Online Advertising

One of the best marketing tips for property management companies is to be aggressive. You can do this with the help of online advertising. Platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and other sites can help you generate more leads and clients. These advertising platforms often have advanced targeting options that allow you to really hone in on your best prospects.

The challenge lies in learning how to use each advertising platform because there is definitely a learning curve. However, do not be afraid to spend a portion of your budget to test these advertising platforms. Many different types of businesses use them to acquire leads and sales effectively, so why not follow in their footsteps?


7. Have a Comprehensive List of Services

list of services | marketing strategies for property managersToo many property management companies fail because potential clients have no idea what types of services they offer. Luckily, you can easily remedy this by providing a comprehensive list of your company’s services.

To start, make sure you have a company website that is both intuitive and looks professional. This will increase your credibility as a brand. Then, see to it that your website includes a section where you outline your services. Include a description of each service, such as what is included and what clients can expect from you. You can even include cost information to give potential clients an idea of pricing.

Beyond listing your services, it is equally important to include a call to action. This can be in the form of an email address, phone number, or an online form. With a clear CTA, you can encourage potential clients to take the next step down the conversion funnel.


8. Partner With Other Local Businesses

An easy way to market a property management company is to affiliate with other local businesses. But, make sure to carefully select which businesses to partner with. Owners need a variety of services, such as handyman, house cleaning, banks, and even attorneys.

If you want to increase exposure and engagement, form a marketing affiliate with such services. Trade promotional literature or web links. You can recommend your affiliates to owners, and, in turn, they can recommend your services, too. This cycle of recommendation can make everyone’s lives easier.


Adopt These Marketing Strategies for Property Managers

As you can see, there are many channels and platforms that you can use to market a property management company. Utilizing them can make even the smallest of start-ups stand out from the rest. Marketing is and will always be an important part of the business process. As such, you must equip yourself with the best marketing strategies to ensure your company stays in business.

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