Located in Collier County FL, Marco Island is known for its diverse landscape and vibrant people has always remained a hot spot for the explorers and voyagers from across the globe and the country also. Adjacent to Everglades, this place is a heaven for those who love turquoise colored oceans and seafood.


Things to do in Marco Island, FL

The Tigertail Beach and Watersports:

Marco Island, FL is composed of several beautiful beaches covered in just 12 miles radius. The local community is all enthusiastic and adventure lovers, thus, the watersports. If you love the idea about doing some windsurfing, surfing, jet skiing, sailing and more, then Marco Island, FL is the place for you.


Fishing in Rose Macro River Marina:

Everybody loves leaf-smoked fish but what if you get to eat the fish you caught. That’s right, one of the perks of Marco Island, FL is that you can charter on fishing boats, rent some fishing gears and go fishing in the waters of deeper Gulf.


Esplanade Shoppers, a paradise for shopping enthusiast:

If you are looking to bring some souvenirs back home from your Marco Island, FL trip, then this is the best place to visit. This place offers a wide range of shops that offer everything including clothes, shoes, purses, souvenirs, the town delicacies and more.


A paradise for alcohol lovers:

Being a hot tourist destination, the town owns a number of bars and restaurants where you can enjoy tasty food with some liquor. It is a place where individuals of any age group can enjoy.