Madison County is located in the northern half of Florida on the border touching Georgia. It is midway between Tallahassee and Lake City on Interstate 10. The county has a population of roughly 19,000, and the county seat is Madison.

The county was formed in 1827 from Jefferson County. Residents of the area named it after James Madison who was the fourth President of the United States. The county continues to be proud of its American heritage, and is the location of the Four Freedoms Park which commemorates the speech of Franklin D. Roosevelt which outlined the Four American Freedoms: Freedom of speech and expression, freedom of worship, freedom of want, and freedom from fear.

In addition to its patriotism, Madison County is home to a southern hospitality which makes living in the county a delight. Residents are proud of the great beauty that the land provides as well. With rivers comprising three of the county’s borders, there are many opportunities for hiking, fishing, boating, and enjoying the mild weather. The Ladell Brothers nature center and the Twin Rivers State Forest provide locations for nature lovers to get out of doors.

The county is home to many communities that bring back a nostalgia of simpler times. Southern charm is alive and well in these picturesque communities, from architecture that recalls history, to the friendliness of the people who live there. Many who visit the area and see the beauty and comforts that only small towns can afford grow fond of the county and come back to call it “home.”