Lee County is an area near the southern tip of Florida. It is located on the western side near the Gulf of Mexico, and its western borders are comprised of several small islands neslted between the gulf and the Pine Island Sound. The county seat of Lee County is Fort Myers. The county has an estimated population of a little over 600,000.

Lee County was established in 1887, just one year after the incorporation of its county seat. The area was named after Robert E. Lee who commanded soldiers in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Today the county sees many visitors. It is a popular area to visit being both beautiful and easy to access by way of I-75 which runs through the center.

Nearly 36% of the county is water. With its many lakes, rivers, and bays, Lee County is perfect place for those who love water activities such as fishing, boating, or enjoying the beach. Although many tourists come to the area to take advantage of these unique opportunities, residents also enjoy their fair share of the beauty. The county is also home five different wildlife refuges as well as state parks where anyone can enjoy the scenery in this unique landscape.

Those wishing to live the island life will find a haven in this county. The area is home to fifteen different islands, many of which are residential. Life on these islands brings all of the peaceful seclusion of a tropical island vacation combined with the convenience of proximity to the mainland.


Lee County cities and Towns

Fort Myers

Cape Coral

Bonita Springs

Fort Myers beach