Jackson County is located in the panhandle of Florida. The county has a unique location as it borders both Georgia and Alabama at different points. The county has a population of around 49,000, and its county seat is Marianna which sits in the center of the county on US 90.

Jackson county was created in 1822 from Escambia County. It was one of the first counties to break off from the first two counties in Florida, doing so just one year after Escambia County was established. The county was named after Andrew Jackson, who was the seventh president of the United States.

One of the most convenient features of the county is the plentiful supply of highways that run in perpendicular lines across the area. I-10 cuts through the area as well as US 90, US 231, and State Road 2. As a result, almost all other areas of Florida as well as Georgia and Alabama can easily be reached from this county.

There are many friendly neighborhoods in Jackson County. Some of these communities are nestled against lakes and springs in the area which add to their beauty and charm. Families can visit the Blue Springs Park which boasts an incredible variety of trees as well as the rare Georgia Blind Salamander and the Doughterty Plain Cave Crawfish. Birdwatchers love to come to the area to see Kingfishers, swallows, and other species of bird.

Jackson County is a unique county with convenient roadways, friendly neighborhoods, and beautiful scenery and is an ideal place to purchase property or raise a family.