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How To Make A Solid House For Rent Advertisement

A proper house for rent advertisement is essential to finding high-quality tenants. How do you create an effective ad to attract people to your property? Let’s look into the key elements you need for a house rent ad.


How to Make a House for Rent Advertisement

Prospective tenants are always on the hunt for the best deals. They want high-quality rental homes at a reasonable price. However, even if your property has what they’re looking for, tenants won’t be able to find your listing without proper marketing. How do you make your rental home stand out in a sea of rental property listings? Here are the key elements you must include when creating a rental listing.


1. Create a Catchy Title

You should first learn how to create a catchy title to make the best rental listing. Listing websites usually offer many properties with similar features and sizes. To stand out, your listing title must be able to capture the attention of prospective tenants.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be an expert marketer to make a catchy title. All you need to do is create one that lets tenants know they’ve found the right property. Generally, it’s best to include the rent price, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and what kind of property it is (house, condo, apartment, or townhouse).

It’s also helpful to indicate the neighborhood and highlight the unit’s best features. Make sure to include descriptions that can help them visualize what the property and area are like. For example, you can indicate whether the home is in a vibrant community or a quiet neighborhood.

Finally, you can also choose key descriptors that define the home. Is the home modern? Spacious? Is it in a prime location, or does it have high ceilings? Keep one or two adjectives that can attract your ideal tenant.


2. Write a Detailed Description

The next most important part of writing a rental listing is the description. Once the potential tenant has clicked on your listing, the description will usually seal the deal. Make sure to include the following information in the description:

  • Asking rent
  • Application fee
  • Security deposit
  • Utilities
  • Lease term
  • HOA fees
  • Pet fees
  • Square footage
  • Floor plan

Additionally, it’s crucial to be upfront about all the property’s restrictions and rental policies. This will ensure that renters don’t waste their time on a listing with restrictions they cannot accept.

For example, the homeowners association might have restrictions on the home’s exterior paint colors or landscaping. Landlords might also have pet policies that disallow pets, which is a deal breaker for many tenants as 43% of pet owners report they’re willing to move to accommodate their pets.

Apart from these examples, landlords might also have smoking, noise, and parking policies. We recommend including these in the description to find the right tenant.


3. Highlight Upgrades and Amenities

Upgrades to the home’s storage, energy efficiency, and flooring materials can attract potential tenants who want high-quality properties. They also set the property apart from the competition. Here are some upgrades and amenities to include in your listing:

  • Windows and Natural Lighting. Renters may prioritize the amount of natural lighting in a home, especially for smaller properties. Highlight any large or floor-to-ceiling windows.
  • Flooring. The type of flooring matters a lot to renters. Remember to indicate whether the floors are concrete, laminate, carpeted, or hardwood.
  • Utilities. Indicate any utilities included, like internet and cable TV.
  • Smart Home Features. Smart speakers, thermostats, and doorbells are all bonuses for renters.
  • Home Security. Security features such as fences, deadbolt locks, security systems, alarms, keycard entry systems, and CCTVs are all attractive to prospective tenants.
  • Appliances. Many renters look for built-in appliances such as laundry units, dishwashers, and air conditioning.
  • Storage. Let the renters know about pantries, large storage rooms, and walk-in closets.
  • Energy Efficiency. Some renters value energy-efficient features for cost savings and environmental friendliness.
  • Parking. Renters who have cars will specifically look for properties with parking spaces. Indicate whether parking fees, assigned parking spaces, or dedicated garages are included.
  • Outdoor Features. Tenants with children and pets will appreciate having a yard or patio.
  • Shared Amenities. If the home is located in a planned community, it’s helpful to highlight any shared amenities that might attract renters. These include co-working spaces, lawns, rooftop decks, barbecue areas, fitness centers, pools, and laundry rooms.
  • Nearby Amenities. Many renters value proximity to essential amenities. Make sure to highlight any nearby facilities, such as shopping malls, restaurants, bus or train stations, walking/biking trails, and schools.
  • On-Site Manager. Some tenants prefer having the landlord or property manager close by to handle maintenance requests.


4. Provide Attractive Photos

People who list rental properties without photos usually get fewer inquiries. Humans are visual creatures, so we evaluate with our eyes. Make sure to take attractive photos of the home to attract people’s attention.

We recommend posting at least 10 photos when you list your house for rent. It’s also important to post photos of each room and all exterior spaces. This will help the potential tenant visualize what it would be like living in the house. Moreover, it’s best to open all blinds and curtains and take photos during the day to maximize natural light. This will make the space look more inviting.

Furthermore, avoid taking photos of mirrors as it can confuse the viewer and make the space look smaller. It’s also best to take photos without people in them. Lastly, remember to post photos at least 300 x 500 pixels in your house for rent advertisement.


house rental 3d tour5. Offer a 3D Tour

One of the most useful tricks for making the best rental advertisements is offering a 3D tour of the space. Virtual tours capture the home’s layout and allow the renter to imagine themselves in the space more clearly.


Advertise Rental Property the Right Way

A house for rent advertisement is not accessible but can make a big difference when done right. Remember to write an inviting title and description and be straightforward about your policies and restrictions.

Do you need help creating an appealing house for rent advertisement? A property management company might be of help. Check out our online directory to find reliable property management companies in Florida!