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This has led us to perceive ourselves as primarily a customer service organization.
Of course the grass needs to be cut and the bills must be paid, but the core of the work is communication.
Anyone who calls our office during office hours will not only speak to a person, the person they speak to will try to answer their question or deal with their issue without passing them on to a voicemail system. This approach not only helps the caller, it saves time for everyone.
At the same time as they are helping the caller, our office staff will be making notes in our TOPS software system so that in the future anyone in the office can refer back to those notes. This sets up a virtuous cycle of information and communication and is an example of exactly what we mean by customer service.
Similarly we recognize the digital age. everyone at Davenport is geared to communicate just as efficiently through email as any other medium. Our digital proficiency allows us to be a part of the solution to any website needs your community may have. We work closely with TOPS websites which allow your homeowners to access their records including payment histories. Also we do not claim any community websites we have helped set up or manage. They are yours to take or use as you wish.
Another Davenport advantage is that we always give an Association a lead and a second property manager. This means that there is always continuity, always a backup if extra help is needed or if a manager is unavailable.
There are many other individual approaches or procedures we have adopted that make us work more efficiently on your behalf and we would welcome an opportunity to discuss them.

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