Collier County, Florida, is located at the southern tip of Florida on the western side. It has a population of around 320,000. The county seat has been East Naples since 1962. Incorporated cities in the area include Everglades City, Marco Island, and Naples. Other communities in the area are considered census-designated or unincorporated.

A large portion of Collier County is comprised of State and National Preserves. Nearly half of the area is uninhabited and is filled by swamps, forests, and grasslands that are filled with animal and plant life. Hikers find a haven in this county with miles of hiking trails that lead through some of these unique and vibrant areas.

Collier County was established from Lee County in 1923. The area was named after a land owner who had built the Taniami Trail north to south for miles along the western coast of Florida.

The city of Naples provides the county with a wonderful modern culture. Many attractions such as the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens and the several country clubs in the area provide diversion for thousands each year.

The county features many beautiful places to live and to visit. The expansive white sands of the beaches attract visitors and residents alike. Unique neighborhoods near the coast zigzag in between blue water where homes can sit right next to these waters. There are many beautiful and secluded places to live inland as well, and homes here are surrounded by the soothing sight of vegetation. It is truly a beautiful place to live.


Collier County Towns and Cities

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