Clay County is located in the northern part of Florida just next to the St. Johns River. The county seat is Green Cove Springs, and the population is roughly 192,000. The county was named after Henry Clay who was an American lawyer as well as a member of the US Senate and the House of Representatives on behalf of Kentucky.

Clay County has several claims to fame. The area is home to the warm and healing springs of Green Cove Springs. The springs were a popular place for visitors from other states to relax as the destination was both delightful and close to the northern border. The springs were surrounded at the time by more than 12 hotels, and the area was also a popular place for people to settle due to the warm climate. Today the city is built around these same springs, and many beautiful old buildings dating back to the city’s beginnings in the 1850s can still be viewed.

Clay County is also home to the famous Clay County Agricultural Fair which features the beloved pig races, midway rides, and many other celebrations of the area’s successful agricultural industry and heritage. Tourism and agriculture remain the area’s main forms of industry, and farms such as the Gustafson’s Farm, which produces much of the dairy sold in the state of Florida, thrive in Clay County.

Clay County not only has a rich history, but also has an optimistic present. With a lively culture of agriculture, and a beautiful landscape, it is a wonderful place to live.


Clay County Cities and Towns 

Green Cove Springs

Keystone heights

Orange park

Fleming Island