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About St. Petersburg FL

St. Petersburg, Florida is a beautiful city that seems to be a natural paradise. It strives to be that quintessential Florida vacation spot, and residents here can expect to feel as though they live in a tropical resort. More than 250,000 people call St. Petersburg their home. It was incorporated first as a town in 1892 and later as a city in 1903. The town was named after the founder's birthplace, Saint Petersburg in Russia.

The city is sometimes called the Sunshine City. This is because St. Petersburg has an average of 361 days of sunshine per year. Because of its ideal weather, the town attracts both retired individuals and the younger generations looking to live somewhere that is scenic, vibrant, and affordable.

St. Petersburg is well known for its involvement and encouragement of the arts. The city has six art districts as well as abundant museums. Art shows and music festivals are abundant throughout St. Petersburg, bringing thousands of people to the downtown area every year.

In addition to the art scene, St. Petersburg attracts sports fans. Many think of the city as the birthplace of Florida's love of baseball. In 1914, the St. Louis Browns came to the city for spring training, and with them came a fervor for the sport which still lasts today. Many people come to St. Petersburg to experience baseball as well as several other sports such as basketball and cycling.

St. Petersburg is gaining more and more reputation as a youthful and artistic community, but also a peaceful and relaxing one. This makes the city an ideal place for anyone to live whether old or young.

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