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About Pensacola FL

The city of Pensacola, Florida, is located on the mouth of Pensacola Bay where it opens up into the Gulf of Mexico. Rated as one of Florida's best beaches, it is a prime tourist destination as well as the enviable home of around 50,000 people.

Pensacola was named after the tribe of Native Americans that lived in the area at the time of the first European settlements. Sites of the tribe still exist, and students of history enjoy visiting the 18 earthen mounds that marked the entrance of the Native American town and formed an important location for their ceremonies.

The city has an incredibly diverse history. Having been controlled by the Spanish, French, British, Confederate, and American governments, as well as having been populated by Native Americans, the city has always been a colorful mixture of many different people. National heritage of all of these people groups is celebrated each year at the Fiesta of Five Flags, and many other festivals throughout the year.

The people of Pensacola also love to celebrate the city's unique history as the home of the first United States Naval Air Station. The city is proud to be the home of the Blue Angels and the Naval Aviation Museum, which is the biggest of its kind in the world.

In addition to being full of interesting history and diverse people, Pensacola is also a natural haven. The area features many trails, state parks, beaches, and parks where families can go on the weekends to get exercise and fresh air.

Nowhere else in the United States is there such a perfect mixture of history, beauty, and hospitality. Pensacola is one of Florida's greatest treasures, and is a great place to call “home.”

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