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About Naples FL

The city of Naples, Florida, has widely been acknowledged as one of the happiest and healthiest places in the United States. Besides having one of the lowest rates of pollution in the country and one of the highest ratings for longevity of life, it is also an ideal place to start a business, and a beautiful place in which to spend down time.

Founded by John Stuart Williams, who was a general for the Confederate army, Naples got its start in the late 1880s. Williams was impressed with the area because of its abundant hunting and fishing opportunities as well as its weather and climate being likened to that of Naples in Italy. The city was named after this likeness, and has retained this reputation since.

Naples is a smaller city with a population of about 19,500. Those who wish to live outside major Florida metropolises but still within a convenient and modern area find themselves perfectly situated in this ideal city.

Parks and land reserves make up a big part of the attractions in the area. The Everglades National Park, Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge, and Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge are just a few of the local parks and refuges in the area. In addition, soft and sandy beaches are just minutes away from the city. Fishers come by the dozens to fish from the famous Naples Fishing Pier that stretches far into the ocean.

The city of Naples perfectly combines activity and leisure. With its beauty and reputation for health, wholeness, and happiness, those who live there can feel like they have a constant retreat from the cares of the world.

If you're looking for qualified property managers, association managers, or real estate agents in Naples we can help. We specialize in connecting community associations, rental properties, and real estate owners with qualified property managers and brokers in their area. Visit Florida Property Management today to quickly and easily connect with companies in your area.

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