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About Lakeland FL

Located between Orlando and Tampa on Highway 4, the city of Lakeland, Florida is ideally placed in the center of the state. It is located in Polk County and has a population of approximately 100,700.

The area of Lakeland saw its first European settlers in 1870 just before the railway came to Polk County. With the introduction of the railway in the 1880s, more people were able to move to the area and the city was incorporated in 1885. Within the first 15 years of its incorporation, the city became home to nearly 10,000 troops during the time of the Spanish-American war. The area experienced an increase in the population with the 1920s land boom, but stagnated until the Detroit Tigers began their spring training in the area in 1934.

As the name suggests, Lakeland is well-known for its proximity to an abundance of lakes. 38 of these lakes have names, and many others without names exist throughout the city. In the 1920s, one of the most famous features of the city was its many swans. The story goes that after the swans had become extinct in the area due to wildlife, a resident wrote to the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II, to tell her of the city's plight. In response, two royal swans were gifted to the city, from which all of the present day swans are descended.

Lakeland is an ideal place for families and individuals who love to spend time outdoors. With its warm weather and the numerous parks and lakes, every part of the city had beauty and charm.

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