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About Lake City FL

Lake City, Florida, had its beginnings as a Seminole Village by the name of Alpata Telophka. Named for the alligators that made their homes nearby, the city's name eventually changed after the mayor's wife said she couldn't live in a town named “Alligator.”

The new name, which came in 1859, was an apt one as the landscape is speckled with lakes. The city now lies as a gateway at the edge of Florida, and is the location of a large amount of tourism traffic as travelers make their way from the upper states to Florida.

The city is one full of rich history. Every year, festivals take place to commemorate battles which took place on the site of the town now filled with historic landmarks and memorials. One of the most popular of these festivals is the Olustee Battle Festival which attracts a large crowd of people every year. The festival commemorates the Civil War Battle of Olustee in which nearly 3,000 Union and Confederate men were killed. The graves of the Confederate soldiers rest within the city. Lake City is also dedicated to its vibrant Seminole history, and memorializes this every year in a celebration called the Alligator Warrior Festival.

Lake City is near Osceola National Forest which incorporates over 200,000 acres of flatwoods and swamps that beautify the area. The “Gateway to Florida” is a wonderful place to raise children, and parents enjoy a wide array of educational options. It is certainly a place that many people love to call “home.”

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