Chuluota is a small place is an unincorporated location in Seminole County in Florida. It is a small town with a total population of 2,483 according to the last Census in 2010. The name Chuluota is derived from Creek Indian word ‘Chuluoto’ meaning ‘beautiful place’ or ‘Land of Lakes and Pines’. The first settlers in the town came during the Civil War and arrived in ox carts to seek refuge after the war broke. However, they were lucky to find an area swarming with everything one needs to live such as a lake with fish and fields for farming. The first settlers then developed cattle ranches, sawmill and also turpentine production mill using the pines from the forest. They also developed railroad to help in the transportation of goods and people. It was only in the 1050s that the place start to build more and new homes began to get built.

Chuluota is a quiet town that allows the residents to have the perfect amount of privacy, but for those looking to have some fun, there are a lot of places that are just a few minutes’ drive from here. It is about 30 minutes away from Orlando, and if you love the beach, it will take only a little under an hour to reach there. There is also a great private lake, Lake Pickett, which can be booked for small gatherings or picnics.

Chuluota has a lot of things to do that will keep you entertained. There are many fishing trip operators offering custom fishing experience to people. People can choose from the various fishing lessons, fishing charters, guided fishing tours and more.