Florida Property Management Business Scholarship Program

floridapropertymanagement.com honors and holds dear it’s ability to support business students through our Business Scholarships program. Every year Florida Property Management awards two Business Administration or Business Marketing students scholarships  worth five-thousand dollars a piece. Florida Property Management Scholarship scholarship programs are privately funded by individuals who  believe that students entering the business field are individuals who are going to provide the most excellent advances in our economy. Florida Property Management encourages anyone who is currently enrolled in business school or has been accepted into either a community college or university business program to apply to our business scholarship programs. All applications will be received by our financial aide department who then will confirm your application submission.

How To Apply To Our $5,000 Scholarship

When applying to the Florida Property Management Scholarship Programs we ask that you submit an article written by the applicant that has anything to do with business in general. If you are not sure what to write you are more than welcome to acquire inspiration from our blog. Please submit your written article using the form below.

We ask that when writing your article that you keep the word count between 600 and 850 words. Talk about any of your personal experiences in the business field or write an informative essay that you believe will benefit other business community members when reading. Keep in mind that Florida Property Management may use your article on our Blog page, by submitting your article you grant Florida Property Management (.com) permission to do so.

*All Articles must be submitted before December 1st, 2017


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