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10 Amenities Renters Look For In Florida

Finding tenants to occupy your rental property can be challenging if you don’t know how to understand the needs and wants of renters. One of the ways you can appeal to renters is to have the right amenities. But, what are the amenities renters look for anyway?


Top Amenities Renters Want in Florida

The rental market in Florida remains one of the most competitive and thriving in the United States – and for good reason. Florida is a top destination not only for vacations but also as a permanent residence.

While the state’s more relaxed COVID-19 restrictions definitely played a role in this, there is no denying that Florida has many other great qualities. The Sunshine State boasts a pleasant climate for most of the year. And many cities are in close proximity to attractions such as the beach, amusement parks, and nature parks. Plus, Florida has a vastly diverse population, which contributes to its status as a melting pot of cultures, particularly in South Florida.

With the housing market the way it is, many Americans are turning to rentals. This is good news for rental property owners. But, today’s renters know what they want and aren’t going to settle for less, making it difficult for some landlords to find tenants. A good way to a renter’s heart, though, is through the amenities you offer.

What amenities do renters want?


1. Plenty of Storage

Florida rental amenitiesAlthough the minimalism movement has certainly made a lasting impression, a vast majority of renters still have a lot of personal items. From clothes and shoes to kitchen supplies, renters need a large enough space to store their belongings. As such, one of the most sought-after Florida rental amenities is storage space – and lots of it.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to have a large unit to attract renters. Even smaller units can have plenty of storage if you use the space wisely. The idea is to have enough storage so that renters don’t feel like they need to leave their things cluttered around the apartment. If you can swing it, consider shifting to an open floor plan. Open floor plans can help smaller spaces look and feel larger.


2. Outdoor Spaces

Many renters actively look for units that offer outdoor space. If you have a big enough outdoor space, make sure it looks green and healthy. Add a small garden, if the space allows. If not, you could always make use of a vertical garden.

Outdoor spaces don’t have to be large backyards either. Adding a balcony or a small deck can already work wonders. Renters like having the option of spending time outdoors without actually leaving their house – and balconies and patios are great for that.


3. Laundry Facilities

Whether it’s a washer and dryer in the unit or in the building, having a laundry facility can go a long way in enticing tenants. Many renters don’t have the luxury of time to go all the way to the laundromat to do their laundry.


amenities renters like4. Energy-Efficient, Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances add a chic and sleek feel to any kitchen, which is why it’s something a lot of renters look for. Plus, stainless steel appliances won’t rust, so they will last a long time.

In addition to the stainless steel material, many renters also want appliances that are energy-efficient. Appliances tend to eat up the most energy in a home, so anything the landlord can do to lower the energy bills can help attract tenants.


5. Central Heating and Cooling

Most of Florida has a sub-tropical climate, which means air conditioning is a must-have for many tenants. Of course, those in colder climates tend to look for central heating. Therefore, a heating and cooling system is an attractive amenity that many renters seek.


6. Smart Features

While having a smart home isn’t a must, many tenants do look for smart features. Technology has evolved briskly within the past decade, and its advancements have made life infinitely more convenient.

Consider upgrading your rental by adding USB charging outlets, internet HVAC systems, smart bulbs, and smart locks. Wi-Fi and cell reception are, of course, necessities nowadays. These features will not only make your rental property more appealing to tenants, but they allow you to increase the amount of rent you charge.


7. Pets Allowed

amenities rentersA pet-friendly apartment will almost always beat one with a no-pets policy. Renters nowadays, particularly the younger generation, are more inclined to seek out rentals that allow pets or have flexible pet policies. Pets are family to them, so they can’t leave them behind when they move.

It’s understandable for some landlords not to want any pets. After all, pets can be a nuisance sometimes. But, you might consider allowing pets and charging an additional pet fee or deposit. You can then use this one-time fee to cover the cost of any repairs or maintenance should damage occur as a result of a pet.


8. Parking Spots

One of the amenities renters like is a sure parking spot. Many renters in Florida drive their own cars, and they find it inconvenient to have to park a long distance from their apartment. Thus, if your apartment rental comes with a parking spot, you are more likely to attract tenants with cars.


9. Security Features

Safety and security features are something that many renters look for in an apartment building, especially in neighborhoods with a high crime rate. Consider upgrading your rental by installing solid locks, alarms, and security cameras. You may also want to put up more lights or motion sensors in dimmer spaces. When tenants feel safe in their homes, they are more inclined to renew their leases.


10. Pools and Fitness Centers

what amenities do renters wantLet’s face it – not all landlords can install a pool or fitness center as they wish. These often come with the development or apartment building. But, if there’s space and you can afford it, having a pool or fitness center within the complex can significantly boost your chances of occupancy.

In addition to their perceived luxury, pools and fitness centers also attract renters who prioritize health and wellness. Having a fitness center nearby means they won’t need to spend extra time or money going to a membership gym. And a pool is always a convenient amenity for anyone in Florida.


Beneficial to Rentals in the End

It’s not always possible to have all of the amenities renters search for in Florida. However, a lot of these are doable. Sure, they might require a little more financial investment, but they do add to the overall value of your property and can cut down on vacancy rates.

Managing a rental property is never an easy task. Start looking for a property management company today using our online directory!