Alachua County resides at the center of Florida towards the northernmost part of the state. The county seat is Gainesville, and it has a population of roughly 249,000. The county was formed from parts of Duval and St. Johns counties in 1824.

The county has been home to many different peoples. Artifacts dating back to the Archaic Period have been discovered in the area, which hints at a population of Paleo-Indians. After that, tribes of Potions inhabited the area, followed by the Seminole people, and later, Spaniards. The area was not settled by Americans until 1814. Although population in the area varied, the county was officially created ten years after this settlement.

Population waned until the railroad brought many people to the county seat. Now the county flourishes with Gainesville at its center.

The name “Alachua” comes from a Timucua word meaning “sinkhole,” which probably referred to the many springs in the area that were mistaken for sinkholes. The countryside is still speckled with springs, and several of the communities in the area, such as High Springs, gain their names from this natural phenomenon.

The county has many wonderful places to live. Many of these communities are nestled in between conservation areas and reserves or set between the many lakes in the southern part of the county. These neighborhoods provide a quiet small town charm, while the seven incorporated cities and towns in the area provide plenty of opportunity for shopping. Alachua County has everything from big cities to open countrysides, making it a perfect place for anyone.