Hialeah is known as the ‘city of progress’ and is known for its rich history. This place attracts people from all over the world and holds a special place for arts and craft. Culturally, this place is a Mecca and its cultural renaissance has brought life to its local community. Both adults and the younger generation can equally enjoy their visit to Hialeah, FL.


Things to do in Hialeah, FL

Shop at Nooo!


If you want to know about the city in depth then you must start with Nooo! Que Barato! It is a world-renowned place known for selling cheap Cuban goods. You can find almost everything that is Cuban at this place. The place is running for over two decades now and has garnered a positive repo amongst the local community and the tourists.


The Garden of the Arts:


If you want to spend some quality time with your family breathing fresh air, then the Garden of the Arts is the place for you. The premise is filled with beautiful flower gardens, magnificent trees and a shows the true work of the gardeners. There are plenty of benches and tables for your picnic or you could just sit under the shade of the tree and relax.


Milander Center for Arts and Entertainment:


The place conducts numerous art exhibitions and concerts. Events like Javier Cortada’s ‘Clima’ exhibit, Celia Cruz Legacy Project and Out Art Walk will make your day for the rest of your tour.


Las Tabernas de Wancho:


If you want to enjoy the nightlife of Hialeah, FL then you must visit this place. It is a party palace where you can meet new people and make friends with.