The laid-back beaches, historical structures, the Native American settlement, etc. can be described as Atlantic Beach. This place is full of happenings, you can visit this place alone, with friends or even with family; you will not be disappointed. The local community will melt your heart with their gesture and you surely love their local cuisine with a pinch of a modern touch. This place is a hub for the surfers. Surfers from all around the world come here just for experiencing some surfing action.


Things to do in Atlantic Beach, FL

Hannah Park:

Known as the surfer magnet, these place witness tourists from all around the world due to its notorious waters. It is a haven for the surfers as the water tides are just incredible. Other activities to do here are cycling, camping, and more.


Dutton Island Preserve:

It is a beautiful park in Atlantic Beach where you can enjoy the warmth of nature. It is a beautiful park or you can say a national conservation reserve where hundreds and thousands of plant species reside. You can explore the place in kayaks, by foot, paddle boarding and more.


Sunset Pier Park:

It is a romantic getaway for the couples as this place provides an awesome view of the sun setting into the ocean. This place gives a sense of warmth and calmness to our body and you can sit here for hours looking at the beauty of nature.


Tide View Preserve:

This place is spread over 8-acres of passive parkland best known for its scenic view of intra-coastal waterways.